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Head writer and creator of all titles for Horizon Line Comics. Learn more about me and my experience below. 


PRONTO COMICS: Managing Editor/ Contributing Writer/Event Coordinator 
December 2010- Present

Head Editor

- Created the book for Pronto Comics first horror anthology

-Edit and assemble all the creative teams and provide regular editorial feedback on scripts and layouts

-Published full color and black and white issues with  more in production as well as spin-offs

Manga Nation
#1, #3-6: Contributing Writer 
#1-11: Editor

- Created Pronto Comics first line of books from the anthology Manga Nation. Titles  include,     Stray, Qute, Ninja Express, Manga Nation Compendium

- Creator and writer for the mini-series Stray and Qute

- Editor of Ninja Express
- Creator and editor of Manga Nation Compendium a supplemental short story collection

- Brought diversity to Pronto Comics with this title

Strange Stories #1: Contributing Writer
- Had short story Simulated Superstar published in the titles premier issue.

Blackout #1: Contributing Writer

- Anthology for Pronto Comics

- Issue became the number 1 download on in August 2011.

Phrases to Pages: Created and Coordinated Event

- Annual event where writers and artists are paired together to create one comic book page based on a phrases. Winners are published in collected issue of the contest.


Pronto Presents: Interviewer/ Blogger 

- Conducted interviews with various artists and writers for Pronto Comics

- Showcased their projects with the publisher and gave them an open forum to promote their work

- Wrote book reviews for various published comics by mainstream and independant companies 


Pronto Trivia Night: Created and Coordinated Event 

- A contest meeting where Jeopardy style questions are asked pertaining to comic books

-Event is held at a local NYC bar where winners receive a prize


Publicity/ Former Head of Distribution/ Treasurer

- Wrote press releases and scheduled interviews with various internet and media outlets

- In charge of contacting stores, fostering relationships, sending press packets and books to various location in the tri-state area

- Logged and tracked books sold and assembled financial summaries for the group



GLOBAL MANGA INITIATIVE (G.M.I.): Content Writer/ Field Reporter
January 2013 - 2015

- Attend various events pertaining to Japanese pop culture and comic books around NYC to report and write articles

- Compose interviews with the various artists featured on the site.

- Book reviews and reading recommendations

-Provides press and promotion through good interpersonal skills at conventions and comic related events.


MONSTER NATION: Video Editor/Camera Operator/Writer/Reporter
October 5, 2014 - 2015

- YouTube Channel devoted to the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genre

- Write/produce/film/edit video content for channel such as countdowns, movie reviews, industry news, and cooking

- Conduct interviews with industry professionals such as Glass Eye Pixs, independent artists and creators all interested in the horror genre 

ROYAL FLUSH MAGAZINE: Contributing Writer

April 2008-2009

-Interviewed and did article with actress Jenna Jameson on her comic book Shadow Hunter for Virgin Comics. The was the last interview she conducted before taking maternity leave.


URBAN VOICE IN COMICS (U.V.C.): Contributing Writer
February 2007-2009

- Completed articles and interviews on the diversity in the comic book industry.

- Interviewed major creators like Mario Gully creator of Ant and Cheryl Lynn Eaton creator of the Ormes Society

- Worked well with editors and publishers, flexible with schedules and content of articles


WIZARD MAGAZINE: Contributing Writer
June 2007

- Published an interview with writer/director Allen Neuwirth about writing the updated Speed Racer television series.


April/May 1997


- Published a short memoir entitled "Dancing for Dollars" about helping the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a high school dance marathon

- Was re-published in the book THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, which is published nationwide.  


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